No matter where and how much you are on the road - with us you will find the right e-bike. 




E-comfort for everyday:
FISCHER e-city bikes

Urbanity is the trend, and more and more people are moving to cities. In order to be mobile and flexible there without a car, many rely on a city bike. Whether for the daily commute to work, shopping or meeting friends - our FISCHER e-city bikes offer the right model for every purpose and budget.

In addition to relaxed cycling, the upright seating position provides a better overview in road traffic and thus additional safety. The low step ensures comfort - not only for older cyclists. Our online shop offers a wide range of practical baskets and bags for daily shopping.

Cycling with tailwind:
FISCHER Trekking e-bikes

Relaxed cycling even on challenging terrain and not getting out of breath straight away? No problem with the e-trekking bikes from FISCHER. Our compact drives deliver the desired power in addition to their own pedalling power, so that you can experience a real touring feeling - only with a built-in tailwind. All models 

are available in both men's and women's versions, some of them with also in different frame sizes. For safe riding fun, the basic equipment includes a lighting system, mudguards and derailleur gears. The premium models have hydraulic disc brakes - a clear sign of quality - just like the functional displays, equipped with bluetooth and app connection.

Uphill power:

E-mountain bikes are all the rage! If you really want to have fun or love the mountains and hills, you opt for the E-MTB and use the sporty motor support. Here, too, the motors only provide support when you pedal yourself. This makes it possible to climb any mountain without reaching the summit with a red head. In addition, challenging descents can be better mastered if you

uphill did not have to use up all its reserves. Thanks to the wider tyres and the suspension, the rider is in good hands on forest paths and trails. The sporty biker also uses the E-MTB in the city, for which we definitely recommend an additional StVZO set for a safe ride in road traffic.